Lighting up the world of iconic heroes

In 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched a new company division dedicated to adapting games for cinematography. 

Ahead of the first big release — premiere of the Uncharted movie, PlayStation Productions team invited us to create an opening animation that highlights brand’s identity. 



Developing the visual appearance of the figures, we tried to emphasize their sculpture and monumentality, preserving the liveliness and realism of the depictions.

Thoroughly working on the silhouettes and subtle features of the heroes, our task was to convey their personality and depth of expression.



Forming the space inside of the scene, we focused on the deep tones of the original PlayStation blue color, illuminated by the direct rays of light.

The visual departure into the depths allowed us to create a sense of large-scale limitless space and the possibilities it opens up.


The third creative challenge of the project was dedicated to light. Shrill and cold, it leads us through the entire video, assuming the main narrative role in it.

Playing with the silhouettes of the characters, the beams of light pass through them, illuminating their meaningfulness and futuristic nature. 


PlayStation Studios

Sr. Director of Creative: 
Arran Green

Creative Direction: 
Brandon Akiaten

Senior Manager: 
Matthew Owca

Created by:

Creative Direction:
Igor Sordokhonov, Maxim Zhestkov

Design, Animation:
Daniil Makhin, Kirill Makhin, Roman Eltsov, Dmitry Ponomarev, Sergey Shurupov, Denis Semenov, Artur Gadzhiev, Roman Kuzminykh, Tatyana Balyberdina, Anna Reshetnikova, Vasily Zinchuk, Aleksei Komarov

Project Management:
Zhenya Zolotova

Making-Of Music:
Artem Markaryan

Making-Of Vocal:
Elizaveta Kolesnikova

Alexandra Kotova