Computations is an experimental art film directed and designed by Maxim Zhestkov at Zhestkov Studio / Media.Work that speculates a distant future when computation moves from the opaque ‘black boxes’ of our laptops and devices out into the world. 

In the film, Maxim boldly envisions lush dynamic systems, described as “floating networks of small transistors—some kind of strange computing organism.” Evoking both supercomputers and synaptic structures, the shapeshifting forms are serene and enigmatic.


The complex systems at the heart of Computations sway and undulate in perfect synchronization. Comprised of billions of particles, they are more than the sum of their parts—they are thinking machines that visualize, calculate, and communicate through coordinated movement and colored illumination.


Elements rise and fall, clusters lock into place, and there is an underlying sense of order governing the ornate spatial choreography. The forms are artfully embedded in the architecture, perform in space, and demonstrate how each tiny element contributes to the construction of an elegant, emergent whole.



Design, Direction: 
Maxim Zhestkov

Maxim Zhestkov and Quadroplastic

Executive Producer: 
Igor Sordokhonov

Technical Direction, Animation:
Artur Gadzhiev