Investigating and explaining a revolutionary technology from the sportswear brand

We collaborated with Adidas Russia to create a video for the promotion of their new sole technology—Ultraboost. It was an improved version of their revolutionary technology called Boost, which is a method of producing a sole from the manifold of small granules. 

We were asked to help with the visuals for this campaign, and our goal was to show one of the main features of the model—an increased amount of Boost material that makes the sneakers more shockproof.


Visual story

In our visual tests, we explored how the granules could move and collide with each other to show their features. After we had patterns of movement, we constructed a story of the video, which is centered around the formation of a sole from particles. 

In the end, we showed how the sole resists deformations and bends to make running more comfortable and prevent injuries and tiredness.



To understand the properties of the material, we visited Adidas research lab, where the company’s specialists told us about the physical and chemical properties of the material and how it absorbs and redistributes energy to make running more comfortable. 

We’ve seen how those granules function as separate objects and as a cluster to use this information in our visual research. 


Adidas Russia

Design, Creative Direction: 
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov

Technical Direction, Animation: 
Artur Gadzhiev

Mert Gencer