Discovering Our Essence. Our Journey of Naming and Branding

2 min read

In the not-so-distant past, we embarked on an odyssey that began with a profound question - what would define our identity through naming and branding?

We knew that this decision held immense significance, as it would serve as the initial gateway for anyone encountering our company. We yearned for a captivating and concise representation, one that would resonate with our essence, and that's when work on creating an eye-catching logo began. For a full month, we immersed ourselves in the creative crucible, exploring countless names and ideas.

Then, like a burst of inspiration, one of our co-founders struck gold with "Media.Work" - a name that encapsulated the very core of our mission.

The term "Media" carried deep meaning in our context, as it embodied our vision to share with the world, convey meaningful messages, and give back, knowing that our efforts would yield profound reciprocation.

With a name that spoke to our soul, we turned our focus to create a distinctive logo. The concept of a sign and symbol took center stage in this endeavor, acting as objective conduits for expressing our values and attitudes. It helds the power to acquire, store, process, and transmit knowledge and information.

On a transformative January 2, 2019, the inverted ladder gracefully materialized as the embodiment of our identity — a symbol representing uncharted territories, self-redefinition, and an unwavering embrace of challenge and experimentation.

Our path is forward, deeper, and towards the right — an unmistakable portrayal of our company's journey. The ladder symbolizes our defined vector, bearing witness to our relentless pursuit of discovery and progress.

Uniting word and symbol we have finally grounded our true identity. Our branding now speaks about our mission, and we are brimming with excitement to continue forging ahead on this thrilling trajectory we have charted.